Tales of a Haul for Mar 21, 2012 (Tales of Grace F)

Before I get started, if you visit my main site, you would know that I would say some stuff about my work life.  Usually I won’t mention it here, but I will this time.  Work is a bitch to my head.

Anyways, Amazon.ca sent over a new PS3 game for me to add to my backlog.

It’s Tales of Grace F from Namco Bandai.  A PS3 game exclusive here.  I haven’t really play much of the Tales series, but it has a lot of fans here & no doubt those fans are happy that a Tales game is finally here for the PS3.  As an enhanced Wii port, most people preferred the other Tales games.  But this will do to show support in bring the other Tales here by buying it.

I think this is pretty much all the haul for this month.  Anything coming will be for April pretty much.  I’ve thought about getting Ninja Gaiden 3 LE, but there has been some mixed reviews on that game & it’s not hard to get at the moment.  Still in stock at Gamestop here.  If price comes down, I will think about it.  Also, I’ve yet started on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 & 2.  So, no big loss.

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