A Haul of Life for Feb 15, 2012 (PS Vita First Edition Bundle)

Came home much later than expected & work was a bit more than I thought when I came home.  So after work & doing a few errands for work & my personal stuff, I went to Best Buy to pick up this preorder.

Got the PS Vita First Edition Bundle.  The box is bigger than I thought.  In fact, I didn’t think the box would be this size after seeing unboxing videos from game reviewing sites.  This was unexpected & was shocked to see it that big.

The big size is probably not only because of the PS Vita unit with cables & charger inside, but the extras as well.  You get the PS Vita case, 4GB memory card, & Little Deviants.  If you preordered from Best Buy as a Rewards Zone Gamers Club member, you get Uncharted Golden Abyss for free.  I thought the box would be a bit bigger, but it’s really small.  I was thinking that the box should be smaller cause of the size of the game card, but I guess you can’t go any small with the amount of text printed on it.

The 16GB memory card on the side is a separate purchase.  I wanted 8GB, but that was sold out.  I was going to get 16GB anyways, so I brought it.  But the price for a 16GB is the same as buying two 8GB cards.  It’s not really much of a deal.  I wanted 32GB & there was one left.  However, I decided to hold out cause of the price even though it is the cheapest method.

The reason I got another memory card is due to the fact that I have two SEN accounts.  It has been said that you need one memory card per SEN account if you want to use one PS Vita.  If you use one memory card for multiple accounts, you need to do a factory reset & the card get wiped out.  I will test this out to see if this is really the case.

I was planning to put an unboxing posting today as well.  But I don’t think I have the time for it.  If I do, great.  If not, probably tomorrow or Friday.  Here’s hoping1

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