A Clazzi Haul for Feb 9, 2012 (Clazzi Infant)

A small haul for today.  From Yesasia, I got my Clazzi Infant CD.  Clazzi is a DJ from Korean & you may know him from the group Clazziquai Project.  After hearing his first solo single “How We Feel”, I wanted to get the CD as I am a fan of Clazziquai & their unique music style.  It’s electronic music overall though.

On the side, I got a PSN Card of 10,000 yen.  Gonna need that for Playstation Store purchases from Japan for PS3 add-ons, PSP games, & possibly (most likely in other words) PSV games.  But believe me, 10,000 yen isn’t a lot as it can go down pretty quick.

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