A TIGER HAUL! (January 16, 2012) (Toradora Portable! Choudokyuu Premium Box)

Okay, it’s not really a tiger.  But it’s Taiga from Toradora!

There was no packaging materials like bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts, but this box was secured down tightly with a lot of room inside the packaging box.

Anyways, this is the PSP game Toradora Portable! Choudokyuu Premium Box.  In other words, it’s a LE.  You won’t imagine how long it took for me to get this in my hands.  The price for this is overpriced according to my friend in Taiwan who goes to Japan about two to three times a year.  I manage to get this on eBay at a good decent price even though it’s used.  But used copies sell high for some reason.

This item is pretty much all new as it nothing has been opened.  The only thing opened is the game & the disc is really good.  Pretty much new.  I really wonder why some gamers buy a LE when they only open the game & nothing else.  Selling or trading it to an used game store isn’t going to net you any profit, so I can’t understand the principle of it.

Items inside the Choudokyuu Premium Box is a tiger PSP pouch (& it covers the whole PSP), a cleaning strap in the shape of a tiger’s tail, a special DVD, & a cardboard PSP stand that you have to build yourself.  Not much stuff inside & I don’t understand why people sell this thing so high.

One thing I noticed is that this item has a grade of nine.  I think the max is ten.

I never notice this thing before.  It may be new or something that I never really pay attention to before with my other used games that I brought from Japan.  Having a nine is really something.  Why can’t used game stores here have this kind of system as well?

Update (Jan 17, 2012):   I forgot to mention about the small artbook/novel that the LE includes.  Also, I fixed the date on the title as my mind was still in 2011 when I made this.

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