A Excepted & Unexcepted Haul for Dec 19, 2011! (Final Fantasy XIII-2 CDs, hitomi, & Gundam Extreme VS.)

An interesting day that may lead to an interesting week as it is the last week before Christmas.  Will a lot of my stuff come in time?  Well, one did at an unexpected pace.

This was a surprise to me.  YesAsia shipped these last week & I’m surprised on how fast it came to my door.  Final Fantasy XIII-2 stuff.

First is the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack in LE form.  Having four CDs, I don’t know if this is the full soundtrack.  It comes in a nice sleeve to make it look like a book sleeve style.  Along with the CD is a special DVD that contains trailers for the game.  I think it has something else as well, but I don’t remember.  Nice.

Second is Mai Fukui’s Beautiful Days mini album in LE as well.  In the album is the main theme song for Final Fantasy XIII-2.  It also has on the DVD the final trailer of the game, but the short version.

I wasn’t really excited in getting these even though I ordered them.  I was expecting something else.  By the ringing of the doorbell, I was happy.

The mail carrier came back & gave me another package.  This package came with the mail while the other was from a vehicle.  Again from Yesasia, it contained hitomi’s thermo plastic CD album & the one I wanted Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs for the PS3 by Namco Bandai.

The hiomi CD is old.  I wanted to get this remember the song WISH.  Hearing that again made me finally get the album even though that’s the only song I heard from her.  If you like some old pop rock, I recommend this.

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. was something I wanted big time.  Playing the original version at the arcades, I wanted to get this & I’m not the guy that likes to pump tokens into an arcade machine.  Getting PSP versions isn’t good enough as the small screen isn’t great.  Ah memories….

Time to turn on my PS3 & get my DLC mobile suit now!

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