Possible upcoming new blog section: Japanese iPhone Apps

Well, my Perfume CDs didn’t come today despite the Spice poster coming yesterday.  But that’s the purpose of this post.

Even since I found out about the screen capture feature on the iPhone, I’ve been thinking about doing a section about Japanese iPhone Apps.  It’s not going to be a review.  It’ll be more of “a look at” kind of thing like I did with the Evangelion 3nd Impact Lite posting .  It’s going to focus on apps from Japanese companies; new & old.  It will be Japanese apps that you can get from the Japanese iTunes App Store & North America as well.

What apps that qualify is based the language being Japanese only.  No apps that are translated from Japanese to English.  I make an exception to this rule if there is very little to look at.  Another rule is that it is based on entertainment purposes.  So no Japanese office programs, novels, etc.  Most of it is going to be based on anime or otaku stuff.

But I’m still thinking about this.  I got it ready to go, but I’ll see what happens.

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