Haul for Sept 26, 2011 (Shin Megami Tensei Persona 2 Innocent Sin & Catherine Visual & Scenario Collection Venus Mode)

Altus galore!

Today, my Amazon.ca preorder for Shin Megami Tensei Persona 2 Innocent Sin arrived today.  You can’t see it from this pic, but the bottom & left parts are squeezed out.  I don’t know if it’s from UPS again as the packaging used this time is a bubble envelope for some reason.  Usually Amazon.ca uses a thin cardboard packaging with their logo printed on it.  But it’s a plain yellow envelope.  Interesting.

This is the first press run version.  This comes with a mini CD soundtrack & a special box to carry both the CD & game.  Pretty much like the first Shin Megami Tensei Persona game.

I was planning to finish the first Persona game & move onto the third one before this one arrived.  Mainly because I got an Aegis/Aigis chogokin coming my way next month.  I was hoping to be somewhere in the third game when the chogokin arrives.  But I guess I will finish the first game then move onto the second one & follow it up with the third game.  Although the Persona games aren’t really connected, I can play them the way they were released I guess.

From regular mail is my order from YesAsia which is the Catherine Visual & Scenario Collection Venus Mode published by ASCII MEDIA WORKS.  For some reason, this book took so long to come.  I was expecting this last week after getting my Angel Beats! Tenshi plush.  They got shipped on the same day or with an one day difference.  I don’t remember exactly, but they were very close.

Anyways, this book is not only acts an art book, but it’s mainly another strategy guide from what I read on the net.  Personally -with book being released in August & the game released in February -, I don’t see why another strategy guide was made this late.  The book does contain some unused art that didn’t make it into the final version of the game.  But why a large chunk of it being a guide?

Anyways, that’s all for the haul for this month.  I got some preorders that are being released by the end of this month.  So, I won’t be seeing them until next month.

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