A Tenshi brought me my Sept 12, 2011 haul, dood!

OMG, dood!  A Tenshi brought me my first haul of many for this week, su!  Okay, it was two separate deliveries from different carriers.  So, what came in first?

From Amazon.ca, the PS3 game from NIS America called Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten came in.  In premium edition form, dood!  The premium edition comes with two extras.  One is Fuka figurine & the other is an art book.  I am a bit disappointed that it’s not the Nendoroid Petit version of Fuka that the Japanese market got.    I don’t plan to play this for a long time since I never played Disgaea 3 yet.  It’s still sealed in my backlog of games.  Not only that, I have yet touched the first & second games on the PSP!  This sucks, dood!  But, a tenshi may help me!

From Yesasia, Gift’s Nendoroid Plus-like plush of Angel Beats! Tenshi flies to my doorsteps.  Funny that Gift calls this Tenshi & not Kanade Tachibana instead.  Probably because of the wings on the back which are removable.

Going back to the underworld, I have mention from my previous post about whether to do PS3 LE unboxings for this blog.  The poll is still going at the moment & I don’t plan to stop it until I get a decent number of votes to make a decision.  But I’m going to make a new poll here.  This is Disgaea based & I’m really wondering what people think:

Personally, I’m for “Su!” at the moment since that’s the one I’ve been hearing a lot.  I rarely hear “Dood!” mainly because of watching the anime in original voices & playing Cross Edge with the Japanese voices on.  But which do you like?

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