Do you want to see PS3 LEs unboxing posts here?

I mentioned this several posts before about doing unboxing posts for PS3 LEs.  Since I have PSP LE pages on my main site which are kind of like unboxings (but really are just showing LE contents), I was thinking of doing a PS3 version here.  But I decided to make a poll to see if there is any interest for it first.  I don’t want to waste time doing these posts as it is a lot of work really.

Before you vote, keep in mind how the unboxing will work & what it would be:

  • Most of the games are North American versions
  • The games will not necessary be recent/new releases as I will be covering old LEs as well
  • A lot of the games have been unboxed beforehand, so a lot of posts will be re-unboxing posts & the condition of the items may not be new or mint
  • There will be no videos as it will be strictly pics & texts
  • There will be no reviews as it is strictly posts just showing what’s inside the box

Now you know what the posts will be about, you may vote.

There is no given deadline as I don’t know what date to set.  But I will end it for sure when I think it is long enough or the amount of votes is sufficient.  It could be a combination of both or something that would pop up in my head later.  Nevertheless, it will end either way.

Update:  The poll is now closed.  Thanks to everyone that voted!

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