Difference between the North American & Japanese versions of the Catherine Preorder Bonus Artbook & CD

When Atlus introduced Catherine in Japan, they included a preorder bonus for preordering the game.  It was an artbook & CD collection.  Unfortunately, I had to buy it separately since my preorder didn’t come with it.

When Altus introduced Catherine in North America, they too included a preorder bonus for preordering the game.  It was also an artbook & CD collection.  A lot of people thought the North American bonus is the same as the Japanese one.  Apparently, it is not the case.

What made people think that the bonus is the same is the cover.  They both have Catherine in the same pose & the title “Catherine Sound Disc & Art Book”on the top left corner.

Before I go further, let me note that the Japanese version is the top one & the North American version is on the bottom.

Ignoring the cover art for now, you can see the packaging style for the two bonuses are different.  Japanese uses a Blu-Ray case to hold the artbook & CD.  The North America version is just the book itself in a soft cover form.  Unlike the Japanese one where it is wrapped in plastic (actually packaged in plastic & taped up), the North American version comes as is; no packaging.  That is if you ignore the plastic bag it comes in with the LOVE IS OVER Deluxe Edition items.  I’m not too sure how it comes with the regular edition.

To the cover art, there are some slight differences.  The color is bolder in the North American version & wider from left to right.  The Japanese one is shorten on the sides but has more art from the top to bottom.  This is basically because of the size of the book & case as you can see in the pic.  Plus, Catherine is slightly zoomed in in the North American version.  Also to note is that the Catherine logo isn’t present in the North American version.

The CDs are almost the same.  Aside from the North American version being darker in tone, the lettering on the CD is a bit difference.  There is more text on the edge of the CD fro the North American version & is missing the “Printed in Hong Kong” text that the Japanese one has.  As for the number of songs & the tracks, they are exactly the same.

In terms of the CD holder, the Japanese one has the “press the middle to pop the CD” format.  The North American one is basically a CD pocket sleeve that is glued to the book.

Removing the CD, this is what you get.  One thing to note is that you can see that the Japanese version has a reversible jacket so you can switch between Catherine & Katherine to your liking.  Also, the Katherine on the Japanese cover jacket is the same one as the second last page of the North American artbook. The artbook for the Japanese version has a different cover.  Aside from the different cover, the Japanese one actually has less content than the North American one.  The Japanese version has 15 pages whereas the North American one has 33 pages.  The extra pages contain small character bios on some of the characters & extra images of Catherine.

So, that’s basically the differences for the Catherine Preorder Bonus Artbook & CD between the Japanese & North American versions.  I will do a difference post again for the limited editions between the North American & Japanese versions next time.

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