Love Completion GETTO! Haul from July 20, 2011 Finder Love: Hoshino Aki – Nangoku Trouble Rendezvous

What the hell is this?!?!?!?  Is this what I think it is????  Is my hunt for Capcom’s embarrassing series in one of their company’s history all in my hands now????

AH YEAH!!!!  My Finder Love LE collection is now complete! After getting Risa Kudou & Fumina Hara  into my collection, Aki Hoshino is now home with me! If you don’t know what this is, this is Finder Love Hoshino Aki – Nangoku Trouble Rendezvous LE by Capcom.  This game was so embarrassing that Capcom removed the game’s official website & you can’t find or search the title in their company website as well.  It’s that bad.

Too bad this LE box is used.  But a good thing is that I can finally see what the heck is inside these Finder Love LE boxes.  I planned to keep them sealed, but I was also curious in opening them.  Luckily, I won’t feel bad in opening it.  So, let’s get a quick peek inside as I will be doing a review/preview of it on my main site.

I’m glad that this is complete & very new.  But the back side has a label sticker that is very sticky & leaving a sticky mark.  Need to figure out how to clean it off without damaging the box.  That sticker was probably used for the company’s inventory count.

The game & DVD has no scratches, the photocards are included & unused from the looks of it (there’s one more inside the UMD case).  But I’m very glad that the bikini set is not used.  At least I think it’s not used.  But it’s clean for sure!  I was concern that the previous owner was beating on to it or something.  But no store will sell it like that as far as I know.  With the game & DVD opened, I think I will play the game to see how it is like.

When I get time, I will like to write about these ren’ai or real life dating sim games that Japan has created.  Look forward to that!

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