Alternative Cover for Catherine?

If you are looking for the PS3 & XBox360 game Catherine on &, you may notice some listings for an alternative cover.  What this alternative cover is according to Atlus & Amazon is basically a zoomed up or closeup of the faces of Catherine & Katherine on the existing Japanese cover.  This is done for the “sensitive” customers.

I think the only troublesome cover art is the PS3 version where Vincent is slipping into Catherine’s lusty hills.  The XB0x360 cover has Katherine in a half laid down position with Vincent coming up near the rear & it’s not really suggestive.  I think Atlus & Amazon is doing both covers just to be fair.

So far, only Amazon has this.  I had preordered this on without knowing what it was & the price is slightly cheaper than the original cover version.  I may cancel this since I got the LOVE IS OVER Deluxe Edition preordered as well.

Personally if you are sensitive to the cover of the original Japanese artwork, you shouldn’t be buying this game at all.  The content inside the game itself is far worse than the cover art.  I mean Catherine is naked in the game.

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