Haul from Jan 21, 2011

A bit late, but here’s what I got yesterday.  New to me, but old overall: Resonance of Fate for PS3.

I wanted to get this game a long time ago when it was first announced.  But Final Fantasy XIII was released on the same day as well.  Also, I heard a lot of mixed reviews for this game.  Some good & some bad.  Overall, everyone talked about the game’s complex battle system & how the game will be fun if you manage to take the time to learn it.

Buying the game for $30 CDN, I think this is a good investment.  Plus, I was waiting for this price range really.  A lot of Sega games tend to drop in price pretty fast lately.  Good thing I held out.  But I won’t be playing the game anytime soon due to other games I have in the back burner.  I’m currently working on Cross Edge.  Okay game, but a lot of grinding in order to play it well.

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